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April 2024
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Social Responsibility: Brazil Retirement Home

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The Green Labs LLC is willing to help in areas that are under-supplied and in dire help. As a small business established in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and US we look at others in our community as family and we strive to aid in any best way we can.  We are engaging in charity works and in sustainable project in areas that require our help. We are keen to extend a helping hand to those who are in need, as the elderly citizens in a retirement home in São Gotardo, Mina Gerais , Brazil.

On April 29, 2015 the company has donated and supported a small yet livable retirement home to poor and under resourced elders who live in that area. It is a place for elderly people that are in need of care and assistance. The  Green Labs LLC provided towels and bed sheets together with a moral support to the elder community. The company decided to extend this kind of help because of their bad condition. And by doing this kind of act brings joy as well as gladness in our hearts.

The Green Labs LLC is providing community services through our organization. The company is also helping people to revive and redefine the quality of life of these elders by engaging all people of all ages in service opportunities to the local communities. We have decided to give aid for these elders because they are usually abandoned at the end of their lives. Thru this, they are able to secure the safety and welfare of these frail elders. Material things are not given with them but also love and care that they truly need the most.

The Green Labs LLC also plays a big role in protecting people in a certain community from unfair labor practice, children, woman slavery and even protecting animal life from torture and abuse. Due to this, the Green Labs is encouraged to keep their hands open in extending help to people. That is why we are trying our best to always have necessary funds to continue these good services to our communities.

Helping someone is not only beneficial to the people you are helping but also to the company moral as well. This is because the sensation of giving is a feeling of fulfillment, joy, and accomplishment. In addition to the blessing intended for the help and care of our actions. It is also a good source to increase self-esteem by revealing our good nature in different people thru charitable activities. Thru these, you can bring hope and bliss to people who are in need and in doing so, you make a difference.


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