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May 2024
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Social Responsibility: Brazil Animal Aid

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Have you ever tried to save an animal? If yes, then you know the feeling of seeing your saved animal to have  good home and safe from any danger that a harsh environment has.  The best part of having a kind heart toward animals is that your not alone. There are concerned organizations in communities that are specifically made for the purpose of saving animals that are in need  of homes to make them safe. As a good example, Associação Vira-Latas de Raça  is a, volunteer based,  non profit organization that aims its goals to save animals that are in need for care and a family or person to adopt them.

Now, it is not only Associação Vira-Latas de Raça which has been following a goal of helping animals ( dogs and cats mostly ) but they are also supported by The Green Labs LLC to help those animals in need.   We as a company are dedicated to the well being and sustainability of our community, but also in providing  help and aid to homeless dogs and cats along the street.

The partnership of The Green Labs and Associação Vira-Latas de Raça community leads for the aid of abused and abandoned animals in São Gotardo, Minas Gerais , Brazil. We look for the safety and well being of these animals , along with an adoption  that can give these poor animals a place where they will be treated properly. This partnership became one of the most ideal way of achieving the goal of removing abandoned animals along the corners of streets in Minas Gerais in Brazil. These two companies aim for making those maltreated animals to recover from their past experience and help them to stay in a place where they will live normally. The main goal of this community is to reach different generation segments of the local population and educate them about animal abuse consequences, explaining empathically the animal position/situation and mainly teaching how to use different methods to reduce abandoned animal population, using compassion as a tool for humans to respect animal rights, aiming, co-existence in harmony. Hence, eliminating the current problematic and either turning street animals into healthy and cheerful pets or providing them with decent shelter.

If you are thinking how The Green Labs help animals together with Associação Vira-Latas de Raça, they provide aid through support, management presence in its community. We push to look for homes that are willing to adopt pets, provide castration for the less over population, foods and shelter for these innocent pets on the street. These two organizations were able to build a community that empowers the aim for saving an animal’s life from the potential effects of a harsh environment. The Green Labs is truly a good example of company that is not just about providing the best services but also a community that is always willing to give the best support for the abandoned  and maltreated pets  by their past.  The Green Labs is an inspiring company that hopes others may also follow.


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