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March 2017
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The Green Labs LLC. | Bulk Raw Material Supplier of Organic Functional Foods and Nutraceutical Raw Ingredients
The Green Labs LLC is dedicated to the manufacturing, innovation, development, commercialization & distribution of organic & conventional herbal, fruit and vegetable ingredients in powder, liquid, extracts, oil and microencapsulated forms. We offer a full array of bulk raw materials and functional ingredients that you will only find on the most exotic and trendy finished product labels in the Beverage, Nutraceutical, Food, Feed, Superfoods and Cosmeceutical industries.
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Cutting Edge Raw Materials

May it be organic or conventional, The Green Labs offers a full array of bulk raw materials and functional ingredients as a manufacturer, distributor and supplier of the most exotic and trendy products for the Beverage, Nutraceutical, Food, Feed and Cosmeceutical Industry.



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We partner with qualified professionals focused on Research and Development of new Functional Food Ingredients using the most innovative technologies and the healthiest, purest and unusual ingredients to build value and differentiation to our customers’ Finished Products.


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Quality and Compliance

Quality, implementation and traceability are the pillars that support the base of our structure and goals. From plan to execution, control, closing and feedback, our processes are clearly defined under top industry standards.



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AB FORTIS : Microencapsulated Iron

AB-FORTIS is a patented micro-encapsulation
system that allows to provide all the recommended
daily amount of iron in a single dose, avoiding the
metallic taste and the classic side effects.

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Ecuadorian Cocoa Beans, Nibs and Powder

The best selection of "Arriba" flavor Ecuadorian Cacao de Fino
Aroma Nacional and Cocoa CCN 51 processed with the best of
post-harvest techniques to strengthen the quality of its flavor
and aroma.

Organic Ingredients


Part of our business identity falls under being a positive factor on Final Consumers' transition to healthier and wholesome lifestyles. We believe that we can be a leading partner on such change by becoming manufacturers and product developers' first source of the best quality and most nutritious recognized and hard to find organic certified raw materials in the market.


Our Customers


From Marketing companies, R&D, Contract Manufacturers to Private Labelers, we serve customers on the following industries:


· Food Industry

· Pharmaceutical Industry

· Feed Industry

· Dietary Supplement Industry

· Nutraceutical Industry

· Cosmeceutical Industry

· Superfood Industry

· International Distributor Partners


We're our client's Advocate


We are a detail oriented team of Sales, Operations, Logistics and Project Management professionals that focus on building long term relations with our customers. We look forward to add value not only to our products but we also concentrate on our services. We are always looking for ways to deliver what we stand for.





· Softgels
· Tablets
· Capsules
· Juices
· Herbs
· Teas
· Shakes
· Powders
· Powdered drinks
· Gummies
· Superfood Blends
· Grains


Organic Certified Products

The Best Nature Can Provide At Your Hands