Raw materials and functional ingredients for your products 


Our Company is established in Brasil, Ecuador, Perú and the US, dedicated to the manufacturing, commercializing and distribution of commodities, natural extracts and herbs from all over the world. Our core line consists on a high quality selection of mainly South American raw materials to bring the best selected ingredients directly from the Andean mountains, the Amazon rainforest, or the Patagonian landscape to your facility.






Top novel ingredients and raw material development 


Serving the nutraceutical , cosmeceutical, food  and feed industries  with  qualified professionals  offering a wide diversity of products Botanical herb powders,extracts, Flavors, Fruits and Vegetables, Ayurvedic Herbs, Peruvian Chinese, Indian and Brazilian Ingredients, Amino Acids, vitamins  and more.


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Powders, extracts, fruit and vegetable juice powd-

ers, flavors, masking agents, oils & speciality hard to find ingredients and nanoparticled products.




Services range among sourcing, third lab testing referral, Project Management, & New Product De-velopment for Contract manufacturing Services in South America and the US.




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