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January 2020
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Compliance Specialist (Newark, NJ)

Provide support to offices in Brazil, Ecuador & Colombia to achieve compliance w/ corporate policies, industry codes & legal reqmts applicable to supply companies. Support, perform & monitor internal processes. Actively engage w/ customers in meetings & in dsgn/review of bus. plans/projects, especially pertaining to the co.’s expansion into Colombia. Meet w/ clients to implmt processes & provide compliance/ethical advice in bus. transactions & advice rltd to intellectual property such as copyrights, patents, trademarks & industrial dsgns in Colombia. Manage & collaborate w/ other Latin American companies. Review contracts signed w/ providers in Spanish speaking countries. Work collaboratively to provide solutions to legal problems derived from contracts signed w/ providers from Spanish speaking countries & translate them. Req: Bachelor’s in legal studies or rel fld + 2 yrs of exp working in Colombian law, specifically ensuring compliance w/ statutes, regulations, codes, & legal reqmts. Verbal & written fluency in Spanish. Send cvl/res to D. Guerrero, The Green Labs LLC, 211 Warren St., Ste 206, Newark, NJ 07103. david@thegreenlabs.com

Warehouse Manager (Clifton, NJ):


Deliver a professional service in the delivery and dispatch of bulk food / nutraceutical raw materials in GMP environment. Ensuring the operational and timely management in the supply chain as well as immediate connection with headquarters requirements.


• Plan the activities of the Warehouse and tasks of your team, ensuring full operation and supply of materials on the ground as well as the reception of these.
• Manage, supervise, control, execute and Record material goods that are entered into warehouses as well as the inputs that leave according to requirements of higher headquarters.
• Maintain an adequate order of the facilities and a proper identification of the materials and stored equipment.
• Strictly comply with the safety, material handling, under food regulations.
• Request purchases in a timely manner for the maintenance of Minimum Stocks defined as critical, of this way to avoid breaks of existence in the facilities.
• Perform inventory of zonal warehouse monthly based on procedure, delivering results to the Chief Executive Officer.
• Timely control and report the status of equipment/product and other irregularities related to the function of FDA regulatory requirements.
• Know, understand, fulfill and enforce the company’s established requirements.
• Strictly comply with deadlines.
• Timely inform the work, the dispatches made, in this way ensures adequate allocation of resources of the corresponding expense center.


• Request the purchase of purchases to maintain critical minimum stock.
• Inform the Procurement Manager regarding any aspect in which the process of storage, acquisition, delivery or receipt from any supplier or contract.
• Comply with the standards imposed by the company.
• Distribution and return of materials
• Allow or deny the exit of warehouse materials or equipment, as well as the entrance to the area of Warehouse to the staff.
• Application of internal customer satisfaction survey.

Technical Skills

2.1.1 Education level or professional level
Professional University Degree in Business Administration.
Possess Inventory Control Techniques Course
2.1.2 Experience required for the position
Minimum 3 years in similar positions.
2.2 Specific Competences

Skill in analysis and synthesis of administrative reports.
Intermediate computational knowledge.
Resolution capacity
Generic Competences:
Business vision
Motivation for achievements
Customer orientation
Relational ability
Capacity to work under pressure.


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