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The Green Labs LLC. | UDANA
The Manufacturing, Commercializing and Distributing of commodities, natural extracts and herbs from around the world.
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Natural Products & Nutraceutical Consulting / Formulation

UDANA Scientific Advising meets the needs of technical advice and assistance of the chemical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.


  • Provide scientific consulting about phytochemical research projects to determine the pharmacological properties and natural products formulations for medicinal, cosmetics, functional ingredients and nutraceutical products.
  • Formulation of supplements and nutraceuticals
Academic Consulting Services

UDANA Scientific Advising meets a team of experienced postgraduate chemists in analytical chemistry and medicinal chemistry with extensive experience in university teaching, research and industry knowledge, allows us to offer:


  • Thesis advising and mentoring undergraduate, master‘s and doctoral degrees.
  • Consultancy research projects in the areas of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, and natural products.
  • Organization of training sessions with graduate level content courses (courses and workshops)
  • Preparation of materials for thesis presentations, seminars, congresses and conferences.
  • Chemistry Courses for Industry in Spanish and English. UDANA Scientific Advising staff has undergone through extensive experience in university teaching, research, and development. Our criteria provides the chemistry courses tailored to the needs of the industries or institutions in the following areas:


  •  Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Natural Products.
  • Nutraceutical.
  • Training and updating of laboratory technical staff.
  • Analytical Chemistry.
  • Instrumental Chemical Analysis.
  • Quality control.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Chemical Analysis.
  • Organic Chemistry.
  • Environmental Chemistry.


Custom Medical, Chemical, Engineering and Business Spanish  courses for professionals and executives.


The demand for learning scientific level and technical Spanish for US professionals has increased during the last decade. Spanish is now one of the most spoken languages in the international business arena. The increasing number of Spanish speaking customers, patients or professionals in the U.S. has become a decision making requirement for qualified and innovative professionals. Understanding the opportunity of updating your Spanish knowledge to better serve the increasing Spanish community and  providing the correct and appropriate technical lingo required to gain access to this growing sector of the population, will definitely augment the customer target market and profit margins of your business.


Engineers need improve their general Spanish skills and, at the same time, acquire the vocabulary and cultural knowledge necessary to be related with their Spanish speaking colleagues and clients.


Professionals of Medicine & Health Science need Spanish to communicate with patients on a daily basis.


Our Spanish language teaching is geared toward professionals and executives in a variety of areas of knowledge from beginner, intermediate, or advanced level Spanish language skills.


Udana offers Spanish courses for one to one or a small group of executives online. All of our Spanish language courses are customized to participant’s industry needs.


Learning goals are specifically designed according to the technical vocabulary to understand and communicate in real situations of their work environment.


The courses are taught by native Spanish speakers.


UDANA offers the convenience that professionals and executives need. We offer our own virtual classrooms, Power Point presentations and educational videos to all courses. The classes are supported by the virtual classroom to provide study materials, bibliography, and ongoing communication through video-conferencing.


Continuing education courses and outreach programs for the US Hispanic community.


Udana aims to contribute towards the development of the US Hispanic community. Weunderstand the importance of education in the “Knowledge Society” era as the essential factor to achieve the improvement of society.


Udana Scientific Advising staff has an extensive teaching university baggage offering high quality programs and extension courses aimed to Hispanic communities in the United States.Our courses include guidance on healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, training in reading and writing in Spanish, courses to encourage young people’s passion for scientific knowledge, ecology courses, environmental education and other special programs with special emphasis on transdisciplinarity to promote complex thinking. Also we provide a college preparatory education in chemistry.


List of Spanish/English  courses


  • La Alimentación para la Vida Saludable.


Food for Healthy Living.


At the present time, there are serious concerns about the relationship between food and health. It is known that many diseases including several cancers are related to food.


The safe and healthy food should be part of the lifestyle and contribute to the physiological, mental and social aspects of population.


The Hispanic culture contains valuable resources that can be used to build healthy eating habits.


Food for Healthy Living, is an innovative course in a simple way to provide current knowledge about the importance of nutritional quality of life, productivity and health.




The course aims to provide attendees or family units, information about the benefits of healthy eating.




Food and health.

The relationship between food and the quality of life.


  • Natural and artificial additives in food. Benefits and risks.
  • Natural and artificial drinks.
  • Another view of food. Building healthy habits.
  • Preparing healthy and safe storage of food.


The wise food shopping.

The information provided here is intended to provide updated knowledge about the importance of food for a healthy life. It is not a guide to self-medication. Professional advice is recommended for any decision related to food. Nutritional needs vary from person to person depending on age, sex, health status and the total diet. 


  • La Ciencia en Acción: El conocimiento científico al alcance de los niños.
  • Science in Action: Scientific knowledge accessible for children.
  • La Ciencia en Acción: El método científico al alcance de los jóvenes.
  • Science in Action: The scientific method available to youth.
  • El huerto ecológico: Cultivo de plantas aromáticas y especies.
  • The organic garden: Cultivation of herbs and spices.
  • Propiedades nutraceúticas de las plantas aromáticas y especies. Usos en la cocina.
  • Nutraceutical properties of herbs and spices. Uses in cooking.
  • Fitocosmética: Las plantas y sus usos cosméticos.
  • Cosmeceuticals: Plants and cosmetic uses.
Scientific Document Bilingual Review

Biblio-hemerographic documentary review about new discoveries of natural products with therapeutic properties and nutraceuticals.


Written research using updated scientific information for projects based natural products to develop new drugs, nutraceutical foods, or cosmetics.


Currently there is a lot of information on clinical trials about beneficial properties of natural products’ active compounds. But research and scientific publications, still continue growing exponentially and product developers still require updated data. Many natural products are constantly investigated.


Online Counseling for Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  It can also be presented in Spanish.


Research and Development  and Purchasing professionals of the Nutraceutical industry will be provided access to updated information and advice from Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine about the properties of natural products and nutraceuticals. These consulting services are aimed towards Business units of Purchasing or Supplier point of contact employees in order to gain technical knowledge required to deal effectively with their vendor counterparts.  Information would have an updated scientific content.




Translation of biomedical and pharmaceutical literature from English to Spanish.


Udana Scientific Advising services have been specialized in the translation of scientific research work to major pharmaceutical companies based in Venezuela. We have earned the trust of our important Pharmaceuticlal customers like Pfizer, Wyeth, Merck Sharp and Dohme, www.translationsandmore.com between others for compliance and quality of our work to ensure the consistent interpretation and the confidentiality of the translation.


Dr. Rosabel Torrellas-Hidalgo has experience in scientific research of medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, natural products, synthesis of biologically active natural products, and catalysis. She has publications and attendance at conferences and scientific events. She has attended several courses in the areas of medicinal chemistry, natural products, assessment of biological activities and higher education. She has also held management positions, conducts scientific consulting for pharmaceutical industries, and she is a scientific reviewer chemist of translation from English to Spanish of biomedical and pharmaceutical documents. Furthermore she has been a university professor in various public and private universities in Venezuela and Colombia.

  • An Efficient Method for the Synthesis of Methyl 12-α-hidroxy-isocopal-13(14)-en-15-oate, a Key Precursor to a Variety of Sesterterpene Marine Sponge Metabolites. Tatsuhiko Nakano, Rosabel Torrellas Hidalgo, Alfonso Martín, José D. Medina and María Aracelis Maillo. Natural Product Letters, 1998, Volume 12(2), p.p. 139-143.
  • Study of the Formation and Removal of Carbonaceous Deposits on Platimun-Ruthenium Alumina Supported Bimetallic Catalysts. R. Bacaud, H. Charcosset, M. Genin, R. Torrellas-Hidalgo y L. Tournayan, Applied Catalysis, 1981, 81-92.
  • Study of the Behavior of Supported Bimetallic Catalysts (Pt-Ge/Al2O3) in the Reaction of Dehydrocyclization of the n-heptane. Rosabel Torrellas Hidalgo. School of Chemistry, Science Faculty, Central University of Venezuela. Grade thesis, 1979. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  • The nutraceutical: an interdisciplinary approach to teaching organic chemistry. Ana Esperanza Burgos Castellanos and Rosabel Torrellas Hidalgo.Tecné, Episteme y Didaxi ISSN: 0121-3814, ed: Fondo Editorial Universidad Pedagógica Nacional No. 29, Primer semestre de 2011, pp. 99-111.
  • Strategies for Internationalization of Higher Education. Ana Esperanza Burgos Castellanos and Rosabel Torrellas Hidalgo. Tecné, Episteme y Didaxis ISSN: 0121-3814, ed: Fondo Editorial Universidad Pedagógica Nacional v.Extra fasc.N/A p.971 – 973, 2009.
  • The Potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the Teaching of Chemistry: Beyond the classroom. Ana Esperanza Burgos Castellanos and Rosabel Torrellas Hidalgo. Tecné, Episteme y Didaxis, ISSN: 0121-3814, ed: Fondo Editorial Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. v.Extra fasc.N/A p.472-474, 2009
  • Higher Education and the Complex Thought in the Knowledge Society. Ana Esperanza Burgos Castellanos and Rosabel Torrellas Hidalgo. Tecné, Episteme y Didaxis ISSN: 0121-3814, ed: Fondo Editorial Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. v.Extra fasc.N/A p.548-551, 2009.

Dr. Rosabel Torrellas-Hidalgo

Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry




 Doctor (Ph.D.) in Medicinal Chemistry: from

  The Central University of Venezuela.

  Caracas, Venezuela 1996.

 Doctor (Ph.D.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

  Colombia. 2007

 Chemist Licentiate: Central University of

  Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela 1980.

 Chemist: Colombia. 2007



Dr. Rosabel Torrellas-Hidalgo is an experienced Chemist and Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry with a strong academic background in Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Phytochemistry. Her doctoral thesis focused on the synthesis of a natural product from a marine sponge with potent biological activity. She is highly self-motivated and passionate about the research of natural products with biological activity, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, and food products that provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.