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The Green Labs LLC. | Blueberry 4% Anthocyanins Extract | The Green Labs LLC
Highest quality of blueberry extract 4% Anthocyanins extract.
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Blueberry 4% Anthocyanins Extract

Clean Label Ingredient

Offer your customers clean ingredients for product formulations

Overcome the Standards

Promote confidently with the vibrant Lab-Berry ™ seal on your product

Meet the Need

Allow your customers to develop novel products that meet consumer demand for clean label products

The Advantages

Gain a competitive advantage from our proprietary process and green ingredient alternative

Lab-Berry ™

Blueberry 4% Anthocyanins Extract

Lab-Berry™ is a Blueberry Powdered Extract standardized at 4% Anthocyanins
manufactured through a proprietary subcritical water extraction technology. This
technology modifies the properties of water such that it behaves like an organic
solvent in terms of its ability to dissolve valuable plant compounds without the
numerous disadvantages associated with the use of organic solvents.

Lab-Berry™ is a 100% pure plant extract—free from any carriers or trace solvents. Water-soluble and standardized for the concentration of the bioactives, Lab-Berry™ meets the industry’s requirements for a clean label offering.


Specialized on water extraction of bioactive compounds from botanical and natural sources ( ex: polyphenols, alkaloids, glycosides, and specialty carbohydrates) that are of interest to the dietary supplement, food, beverage, and personal care industries, The Green Labs maintains its commitment to align with innovators that share the same environmental integrity and vision to supply the cleanest, greenest ingredients that benefit our health while preserving a healthy planet.

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Lab-Berry ™ Blueberry 4% Anthocyanins Extract  is standardized to meet minimum bioactive ingredient concentrations and yet be free of any carrier or trace solvent.

Light Industrial Facility

Eliminates Need for Multiple Certifications

Non-flammable, Minimizes Risk to Employee Health

Common Material Handling Process

Usable By-Products and No Disposal Sites

Low Carbon Footprint

Clean Technology

Low Complexity and Fast Delivery